Bibb Correctional Facility
Bibb Correctional Facility

Bibb Correctional Facility: [Address, Visiting Hours, and Contact Information]

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for comprehensive information about the Bibb Correctional Facility.

In this article, we’ll provide you with essential details such as the physical address, mailing address, telephone number, and visiting hours for the Bibb Correctional Facility.

1. Introduction

The Bibb Correctional Facility plays a crucial role in the correctional system, contributing to public safety and inmate rehabilitation. This article will explore the facility’s physical and mailing addresses, telephone contact, and visiting hours. Let’s explore these aspects in detail.

2. Bibb Correctional Facility: A Brief Overview

Before diving into the specifics, let’s understand the significance of the Bibb Correctional Facility. As a part of the state’s correctional system, Bibb Correctional Facility focuses on inmate rehabilitation, ensuring they can reintegrate into society as law-abiding citizens.

3. Physical Address of Bibb Correctional Facility

The Bibb Correctional Facility’s physical address is as follows:

Bibb Correctional Facility
565 Bibb Lane Road
Brent, AL 35034

4. Mailing Address for Inmates at Bibb Correctional Facility

Inmates at Bibb Correctional Facility greatly appreciate receiving mail from loved ones and friends. When sending mail, please use the following address format:

Inmate Name, ID Number
Bibb Correctional Facility
565 Bibb Lane
Brent, AL 35034

Sending mail provides a vital link for inmates to stay connected with the outside world.

5. Contacting Bibb Correctional Facility via Telephone

You can reach their front office at (205)-926-5252 during operational hours if you need to contact the Bibb Correctional Facility. The facility’s staff will assist you with general inquiries.

6. Visiting Hours at Bibb Correctional Facility

Visitation is pivotal in maintaining an inmate’s morale and facilitating their reintegration. Bibb Correctional Facility welcomes visitors on designated days, i.e., Saturday or Saturday.

Visiting Hours:
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

7. Rules and Regulations for Visitors

To ensure the safety and security of the facility, visitors must adhere to specific rules and regulations. These may include dress codes, identification requirements, and behavioral guidelines. It’s crucial to follow these guidelines for a smooth visitation experience.

8. Booking Visits in Advance

Booking a visit in advance is recommended to secure your spot. You can do so by calling the facility’s visitation appointment line or using their online booking system. This helps manage the number of visitors and ensures a convenient visit for everyone.

9. Security Measures at the Facility

Bibb Correctional Facility employs stringent security measures to prevent unauthorized items from entering the premises. All visitors are subject to thorough security checks, including metal detectors and bag inspections.

10. Inmate Communication Options

Inmates can access various communication options, including phone calls and written correspondence. While there are guidelines, maintaining a connection with loved ones can positively impact inmates’ mental well-being.

11. Support Services for Inmates

The facility offers a range of support services to inmates, including educational programs, vocational training, and counseling. These services aim to equip inmates with skills to help them reintegrate into society upon release.

12. Rehabilitation Programs at Bibb Correctional Facility

Bibb Correctional Facility is committed to rehabilitation. The facility offers a variety of programs, such as substance abuse counseling, anger management, and life skills workshops. These programs address the root causes of criminal behavior and aid in the inmates’ transformation.

13. Staff and Inmate Safety Protocols

Safety is a top priority at Bibb Correctional Facility. The facility follows rigorous safety protocols to protect both staff members and inmates. Regular training and emergency drills ensure a prepared and secure environment.

15. Conclusion

The Bibb Correctional Facility is vital in inmate rehabilitation and public safety. By providing essential contact information, visiting hours, and insights into the facility’s operations, this article offers a comprehensive guide for those seeking information about the facility.

In conclusion, the Bibb Correctional Facility serves as a beacon of hope for inmate rehabilitation, offering a chance for individuals to turn their lives around. You can support the inmates’ journey toward positive change by staying informed about the facility’s contact details and visiting hours.

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