Top 10 Worst Prisons in Louisiana [Ultimate list]
Top 10 Worst Prisons in Louisiana [Ultimate list]

Top 10 Worst Prisons in Louisiana [Ultimate list]

Louisiana, known for its unique culture and cuisine, also has a dark side in the form of its prisons. The state is home to several correctional facilities, but not all of them have a positive reputation. In this article, we will explore the ten worst prisons in Louisiana, shedding light on their conditions, security issues, and rehabilitation efforts.

1. Angola State Penitentiary

History and Background

Angola State Penitentiary, officially known as the Louisiana State Penitentiary, is one of the oldest and most notorious prisons in the United States. Originally a slave plantation, it now houses maximum-security inmates. The prison has a dark history of violence and abuse, leading to its infamous reputation.

Notorious Incidents

Over the years, Angola State Penitentiary has witnessed several incidents of brutality, riots, and escapes. The harsh living conditions and lack of proper rehabilitation programs have contributed to the perpetuation of violence among the inmates.

2. Louisiana State Penitentiary

Overview and Purpose

Louisiana State Penitentiary is another major correctional facility in the state. While it aims to maintain order and security, it has faced numerous challenges in achieving this goal due to overcrowding and understaffing.

Inmate Population and Conditions

With a large number of inmates, Louisiana State Penitentiary struggles to provide adequate living conditions for prisoners. Overcrowding has led to increased tensions and a higher risk of violent incidents within the facility.

3. Hunt Correctional Center

Management and Staffing

Hunt Correctional Center has been plagued with management issues, affecting its overall efficiency and security. Insufficient staffing levels have made it challenging to maintain control over the inmate population effectively.

Security Concerns

The facility’s inadequate security measures have resulted in various escapes and contraband smuggling. These security breaches not only endanger the surrounding communities but also highlight the prison’s lack of effective monitoring.

4. Dixon Correctional Institute

Rehabilitation Programs

Dixon Correctional Institute aims to rehabilitate inmates and prepare them for reintegration into society. However, the lack of comprehensive rehabilitation programs limits its effectiveness in reducing recidivism rates.

Security Measures

Despite efforts to implement security measures, the prison still faces incidents of violence and drug trafficking, indicating the need for better monitoring and stricter protocols.

5. Elayn Hunt Correctional Center

Focus on Rehabilitation

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center emphasizes rehabilitation through education and vocational training. However, the lack of resources and support from external organizations hampers the success of these programs.

Challenges Faced

The facility struggles to address mental health issues among inmates adequately. The lack of mental health resources contributes to behavioral problems and difficulties in the rehabilitation process.

6. Avoyelles Correctional Center

Living Conditions

Avoyelles Correctional Center has faced criticism for its subpar living conditions. Inadequate sanitation, limited access to healthcare, and overcrowding contribute to a hostile environment within the prison.

Efforts for Improvement

The administration has acknowledged the shortcomings and is working to improve living conditions, but progress has been slow.

7. David Wade Correctional Center

Incidents and Safety Measures

David Wade Correctional Center has experienced several violent incidents involving both inmates and staff. The prison administration has implemented safety measures, but challenges persist in maintaining a secure environment.

Efforts for Rehabilitation

The prison offers various rehabilitation programs, but the lack of post-release support makes it difficult for inmates to reintegrate successfully into society.

8. Rayburn Correctional Center

Rehabilitation Initiatives

Rayburn Correctional Center emphasizes vocational training as a means of preparing inmates for life after incarceration. However, the lack of collaboration with potential employers poses a challenge to their successful reintegration.

Security and Safety Concerns

The prison struggles with maintaining a safe and secure environment due to contraband smuggling and inadequate surveillance.

9. Winn Correctional Center

Prisoner Welfare and Programs

Winn Correctional Center strives to provide basic amenities and educational programs for its inmates. However, funding constraints and the overall prison system’s flaws limit the impact of these efforts.

Security Measures

The facility faces security challenges, primarily due to a shortage of staff and outdated security systems.

10. River Correctional Center

Rehabilitation and Recidivism

River Correctional Center focuses on educational programs to reduce recidivism rates. While the initiative is commendable, it lacks the necessary support to track former inmates’ progress post-release.

Staffing Issues

The prison grapples with staffing problems, which affect daily operations and inmate supervision.


The ten worst prisons in Louisiana face significant challenges ranging from overcrowding and security issues to limited rehabilitation opportunities. To improve the prison system, a comprehensive approach that addresses living conditions, security, and rehabilitation programs is necessary.


Q: Are these prisons considered dangerous for inmates?

A: Yes, these prisons have a reputation for violence and safety concerns.

Q: How does Louisiana compare to other states in terms of prison conditions?

A: Louisiana faces significant challenges in its prison system compared to other states.

Q: What efforts are being made to improve the situation in these prisons?

A: Various measures are being taken, such as increasing staff, enhancing security, and introducing more rehabilitation programs.

Q: How does the prison system impact society as a whole?

A: A flawed prison system can contribute to higher crime rates and strained communities.

Q: What can be done to reduce recidivism rates among inmates?

A: Providing better educational and vocational training, along with post-release support, can help reduce recidivism.

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